A Proud Moment~

A few months ago after years of begging me Ava was able to participate in her first “Cupcake Sale EVER”!

She carefully planned her cupcake flavors and frostings flavors. She had me running all over the place to collect her very specific ingredients. Sheknew exactly how she wanted to pipe the frosting and what sprinkle colors she would choose. She made 104 cupcakes and she SOLD out in her second hour! At $1 a piece and specials for a box of 6 or 12 she pleased many customers that were heading to events afterward. Her smile never faded throughout the day and many family and friends came out to support my girl. It was a day that truly filled her up. Thank you to everyone that made it to her Avascupcakery.com DEBUT!





March Update!

Wow! Did you know I’m 11 now and I STILL love BAKING!!! ┬áDo you see the pearl beads in the middle. Those look really pretty on that cake. I love the Eiffel Tower. What do you think. What cake or cupcakes should I make next. Tell me in the comments and I’ll try to make it. Still taking cupcake orders up to 5 dozen. All cupcakes are $1. Special packaging available upon request.



Ava is sooooo excited. Today is the perfect Birthday for “Ava’s Cupcakery”!!!

Spring Cupcakes

Ava’s lunch break recess was indoors due to the cold weather. When I picked her up from Brownie scouts the first words out of her mouth “Mom today we couldn’t go outside at recess so I created a cinnamon swirl cupcake with butter cream frosting; and it has cinnamon sugar sprinkles!” “Look here is my picture” I can’t wait to make these” I love this girl. She struck another cord in my heart. She will have her own Bakery. So here it is “Ava’s Cupcakery”!!!!